In 1990, we started in the waterproofing business.  This today is our main focus.  Building waterproofing, concrete restoration, now performing large scale projects such as West Jefferson Medical Center, Touro Infirmary, East Jefferson General Hospital, Select Properties Multi-Level Building waterproofing projects, consisting of entire building washing, window caulking, window reglazing, building coating.  We perform a lot of elevator pit waterproofing, (being 5 ft. below sea level). 

Concrete Restoration

Restoring interior and exterior of concrete buildings and multi-level garages.  We have restored a number of down town New Orleans garages over the last 10 years.

Multi-Level Garage

One of our specialties that we have developed through our washing equipment experience is the washing of multi-level garages.  We have mastered the art very quickly.  Washing multi-level garages, depending upon proper drainage, we can wash 400,000 per day.


Heavy Equipment Prep

For experts with our equipment, Bellville Rodair International, Inc. contacted us to clean one of the largest Drag Lines in the world for new coal mines in Queensland, Australia.  The machine was owned by Ohio Coal.  It took 2 months to pre-clean, pressure wash, and hose down before being loaded on a ship to be shipped to Australia.  

Full Service Multi Garage Maintenance

  • Sweeping service
  • Concrete restoration service
  • Parking garage/flat lot
  • Car stops removed and replaced
  • Cable repairs

Over the years with our equipment knowledge, we developed a method of quick cleaning multi-level garages.

We save our clients a lot of money by being able to complete the multi-level garage by finishing quickly, while still maintaining a high-quality finished product.

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